Procedural Toolkit is a collection of instruments for development of procedural generation systems for Unity.

It is free, open source and does not require a Unity Pro license.

Warning: This is a programming toolkit, editor support is limited.

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Building generator | Chair generator | Boids | Low poly terrain generator | Cellular automata | Mazes | Breakout | Primitives


‣ Mesh primitives: platonic solids, plane, pyramid, cylinder, sphere and others.

‣ Mesh generators and extensions: move, rotate, scale, paint, flip faces.

‣ Texture extensions and constructors.

‣ Random data generators: strings, names, vectors, colors, gradients, palettes, collections extensions.

‣ Gizmos, GL and Debug drawing methods.

‣ Palette and color generators, HSV model helper class.

‣ Utility methods: shuffle, weighted choice, knapsack problem solver, perp dot, signed angle.

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